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Elena Easy Guest is a QR code service designed and customised for the Nordic countries and is based on TigerTMS, a hotel and tourism company that has gained worldwide popularity.
We are sure that our service will suit you and as a guarantee, you can try our service for 30 days completely free of charge. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting and a free trial.

Elena Easy Guest service overview

The app developer TigerTMS has been serving the hotel and accommodation industry for over 40 years. Its solid experience drives the delivery of world-class hotel and accommodation apps - revolutionising hotel operations and improving the guest experience in over 18,000 hotels.

Its market-leading applications and middleware include communication and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, and the latest technology for guests' mobile devices.

TigerTMS is dedicated to helping its customers improve their services, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

The latest service provides a real alternative for hotels, - and accommodation entrepreneurs who want to empower their guests with mobile app technology - the answer is Elena Easy Guest. Make your guest experience even better and create easy channels for additional sales 24/7. Contact us to arrange a free trial.

A no APP download, zero footprint approach with voice and messaging technology integrated with hotel data - without installing a mobile app and without development, design or engineering fees.

In addition to Easy Guest, we offer market leading TigerTMS applications and middleware covering communication and customer management systems, integrated voice and data solutions and the latest technology.

Ask us more, we'll tell you and find you the best and most cost-effective services.

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Gain flexibility and save time on cost with the world’s most widely deployed middleware solution.  iLink connects TigerTMS products and hundreds of other hotel applications, with more certified interfaces available on one platform, available on premise or via the cloud.

Enable fast billing of voice usage for guests and administration teams. This popular guest and call management system offers detailed and comprehensive call management and guest status reports.

Provide efficient communications and a superior experience for your guests with the world’s leading voice messaging, wake-up management and room status solution.

The no download, zero footprint approach to guest information with integrated voice and messaging technology - with no need to install a mobile app, and no hefty development fees.

The new way to communicate with your guests; with a quick opt-in to receive hotel notifications, your guests can chat with hotel agents using iNotify via WhatsApp.

Winner of the Hotel360 Innovation Award for Guest Experience Of Tomorrow

Request a trial of the award-winning Easy Guest. Add buttons, brand according to your needs, upload images and property information, promotions or special offers. See for yourself how Easy Guest can revolutionise your hotel guest experience.

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Our customised packages can be found here, ask for more information and let's review your site's current solutions and fit Easy Guest into it, try it for free and then decide how to proceed.

Easy Guest

1 to 99 Rooms

Easy Guest

100 to 249 Rooms

Easy Guest

250-499 Rooms

Reservations for more than 500 rooms are available on request.

With over 40 years’ industry experience, TigerTMS is a Brand Standard for both independent operators and some of the largest hotel groups in the world.

Tiger Communications

Tiger Communications - established in 1979 and achieved huge success in Enterprise and Hospitality

Global reach



Circa 18,000+ installations across
100+ countries

Service locations

Service locations in USA, Germany, Egypt & France

Major offices

Major offices in UK & Dubai

Tiger Americas

Tiger Americas based in Mexico + Digital China

Benefits Summary


Upsell additional services (critical period between booking & check-in) and cross-sell 3rd Party services —taxi, restaurants, theatre etc.


Easy engagement with hotel staff via voice or messaging and no App to download. Customise with your branding.


Replace traditional hotel directories and make ongoing changes using the iPortal Configurator.

Feel free to contact us Let's see how to build a good sales channel for you?
010 400 5700

The number of the subscription blocking service
+358 10 400 5777