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Elena'sOffice Net lsubscriptionis an efficient, affordable and fast internet connection that lets you manageyour business securely and quickly. The connections are highly fault-tolerantand our technology actively monitors the performance of the connections. If afault situation arises for any reason, it will be proactively fixed before thecustomer even notices! With an ElenaOffice Net connection,you can smoothly handle different types of work quickly, smoothly download yourcompany's services from the cloud, without any interruptions. Our subscriptionsare suitable for small and large companies, both for office and commercialpremises. Ask us more!  

Elena'sOffice Net isavailable in a range of speeds and technologies, including VDSL and fibre. Thekey to speed is always the location. We check the different technologies andspeed availability for each property in advance. Fibre optic is the most modernconnection, but for older properties, for example, this option is not alwaysavailable without extensive measures. The prevailing conditions are alwaysverified before the final price is set and this is why we give Elena Office Netprices starting from.

OfficeInternet access
(VDSL 100 / 100)

ONLY from.

35 € / month

(VAT 0%)

Valokuitu liittymät alkaen
(Pro -Kuitu100 /100)

ONLY from.

50 € / month

(VAT 0%)

Elena Toimisto Netti liittymät (VDSL 100 / 100) alkaen 35,00 € / kk.
Valokuitu liittymät alkaen (Pro -Kuitu100 /100) alkaen 50,00 € / kk



  • On-sitecommissioning by professional installers
  • Networkmonitoring: The network is actively monitored by our technology and any faultsare corrected, often before the customer even notices.
  • One fixedpublic IP address
  • Customerservice 24/7

010 400 5700

The number of the subscription blocking service
+358 10 400 5777